Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turquoise a.k.a. 15-5519TCX

According to the Pantone Color Institute, Turquoise is the hue for 2010. I'm not surprised with this ranking as the color evokes the feeling of a sigh of relief. It can be such a great accent color in the home, in fashion, in jewelry (insert Tiffany reference here) and not to mention the fact that it has tendencies to take you to a tropical island far far away.

So next time you need to paint a room in your home, consider painting it Turquoise. It also pairs well with a bright white, and compliments a chocolate brown quite nicely. Turquoise not only plays a part in my visual favorites, it also makes an impression musically. Listen to one of my favorite house songs called "Turquoise" by Circulation here and tell me if it doesn't take you to an island far far away.

Summary. Pantone Color Institute, you have a two thumbs up from this Turquoise admirer for hue of the year. For a complete article by the L.A. Times please click here.

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