Friday, April 30, 2010

TGI Friday!

Some things that make me smile this Friday morning...

Cafe Latte :)
*photo credit- robert steiner

Cupcakes- YUM!

*photo credit- cravings cupcakes

Chocolate Shoes!

What a great combo. Check out Gayle's Chocolates
for more!

Pink nail polish
What better way to bring on the spring season than 
with shades of pink on your hands and toes.

Cute aprons

*photo credit- papersource

This apron would make me feel like I'm queen
of the kitchen. Here are some more aprons from

Beagle Puppy

My favorite little pup. I want one!

Bora Bora

One day, that hammock and I will meet.

Hope you have a great weekend full of things that make you smile!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Forty years ago today, in 1970, Earth Day was commemorated for the first time. People were becoming more aware of the danger that the environment was facing. Small steps were being made by citizens towards healing the Earth. We have come a long way since then, and now Earth Day is recognized as a worldwide event. People are realizing how important it is to recycle and reuse. Also, people are becoming more conscious of their decisions and changing their lifestyle. For example, purchasing in season produce, becoming vegetarian/vegan and buying organic/hemp/bamboo clothing. All of these choices make an impact on our delicate earth.

If you are looking for a few ways to make a difference today, here are a few suggestions.

1. Plant a tree or a tree seedling in your garden. Planting a tree is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Trees produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air. Trees also provide a habitat for birds which in turn aid reproduction in wildlife. Believe it or not, trees  reduce noise pollution. That helps a lot if you live near a freeway or busy street.

Fun Fact: As my wedding favor, I gave my guests a tree seedling to take home and plant. I didn't want the favor to be something that collects dust. I thought tree seedlings would be a great alternative. It benefits the environment and the guests will have something to watch grow and bloom. 
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, here is the link

2. Get rid of plastic bags! We all know that plastic bags are horrible for the environment. They are not biodegradable, the materials used to make them contribute to global emissions, they can end up at sea and be ingested by marine life!!! Here is a stylish and modern alternative for plastic bags, modernest.
Their unbleached cotton tote bags are made in America and are silkscreened with chic designs made for every day use.

3. Wear organic cotton! I believe is important to consider organic cotton when purchasing clothing. 
Refer to my blog entry about the benefits of organic cotton v.s. the harmful aspects of regular cotton. Regular cotton farms use toxic chemicals to grow their cotton, organic cotton does not. It's not only important for you, but also for your little ones. 

These environmentally aware onesies give mothers a way to express their care and concern for the future of their children. It's also a way to show that your baby supports what you stand for, and will grow up following in your footsteps. 

For any sales made between April 22nd and April 30th, 10% of the profits will be donated to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). A great way to support the world you live in and give back to your home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Featured Artist- Mayura Kona

Today's Featured Artist is a true talent. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for over 5 years as well as working with her at my first design job. It's so inspiring to see that she has made a name for herself and truly believes in her art and in her business. Here's a little peek into her world.

*photo credit-
1. Tell me about yourself (name, age, hobbies, obsessions, dreams/goals).
My name is Mayura Kona and I am 29 years old. I am the founder and designer behind a truly inspirational brand called One Thread Fair Trade. My personal obsessions would be drawing and dancing. Those two activities bring me the most peace and sense of purity. There is nothing between you and the sketchpad or you and the music, as cheesy as that may sound! I've also recently become obsessed with this blog about these little vampire pet characters called Banpaia pets. A fun, slightly embarrassing fact is that I used to play the bagpipes in high school. Yes, I wore a kilt. On a serious note, my ultimate dream is to build and expand One Thread into a global company that empowers and supports thousands of women across the globe and continually pushes the boundaries of design at the same time.

2) What inspires you most when it comes to designing?
As a designer, I am heavily inspired by patterns and shapes found in nature. There is nothing more beautiful than a simple flower, it is absolute perfection. I am also inspired by antique Indian jewelry, the patterns on vintage pieces are absolutely exquisite. When I am designing, I try to create detailed designs that make people want to take a second look just to make sure they caught everything. As a social entrepreneur, I am utterly inspired by the women that I work with. Our artisans have experienced so much struggle and pain in their lives, yet they have grown into strong, independent women and mothers. They are my inspiration for not only the business but for my entire life, they have truly given a new meaning to my life and the word “woman.”

3)What is unique about your company?One Thread is a fair trade company that works with communities of impoverished female artisans in South India to produce beautiful, socially-conscious throw cushions. Our work enables battered and marginalized women to become self-sufficient and improve the quality of life for both themselves and their children. Each of our products comes with a hand-signed label with the name of the artisan that tailored the piece, what she believes in, and an artisan number. You can read about the individual artisan's life by looking up her artisan number in the artisan section of our website.

4)Where can we find more of you?
You can find out more about me and our amazing artisans on our website: You can also follow me as I document our journey on Twitter:
And for all those facebookers out there, join our fan page at:
5)What are you current projects?
Currently, I am working on a line of small accessories and purses. It is still in the very early design stages but I am very excited about the possibilities. I am actually leaving to India in a couple of weeks to work with our artisans on the new products. Our next trade show is the Las Vegas Home and Gift Show in August.

Join me next week for another talented Featured Artist.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I feel honored to be nominated for the "Beautiful Blogger Award" by Sal of lovequirky. I'm so thankful for this award. Thanks so much Sal!

Seven facts about me...

1. My middle name is Joy.
2. I want to move to Seattle yet I've never even been there.
3. Baking is one of my obsessions. 
4. I can make the sound that The Predator makes, with my throat...FREAKY!
5. I love change.
6. If I wasn't a designer, I'd be a Marine Biologist.
7. I love the 80's.

My nominees for this award are...

1.  Jan & Earl of poppytalk
2.  Joyce of modernest
3. Marsinah of blushing pearl
4. Leya of curious bird
5. Jessica of how about orange
6. Katherine of making chicken salad
8. Lauren of a fabulous fete
10. Vanessa of a casa da va
11. Brooke of humble b
12. Kristina of Kris's color stripes
13. Amy of sweet designs
14. Meaghan of urban farm designs
15. Susan of hey suzy

Here are the rules...

if you choose to accept the award you must

- Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
- Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
- Tell us seven interesting facts about yourself.
- Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
- Contact your nominations and let them know they’ve won.

Thanks again for this honor!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Featured Artist- Kamal

I came across a FABULOUS artist named Kamal whose work I absolutely adore. She is a designer who creates stationary, coasters, wrapping paper and has them letter pressed. Her work stands out to me because of the way she draws from intricate and complex shapes and translates them into simple, clean and modern works of art. See for yourself...


Kamal is such an inspiration to me and is a constant reminder of why I'm going to Otis College of Design to get a certificate in Textile/Surface Design. Maybe I'll post some of my current projects up if anyone wants to take a peek???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Bring the 80's back!

There is something nostalgic about old cassette tapes that take me back to a carefree place. Although technology has advanced since then, I can't find it in me to say goodbye to these plastic memories. While searching for ways to recycle my old cassette tapes, I came across an Italian designer Marcella Foschi who, in my opinion, has found a useful and fun way to re-use them. She hand makes and sells these bright neon colored cassette wallets and has been fairly successful.

*photo credit-

You can find some of her designs here. This DIY is definitely on my list of things to make. I will keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime, if you are looking for a way to recycle your cassette collection in order to clear up some space, don't trash them. Make an attempt to create a stylish wallet for yourself or even as gifts, or donate them to a thrift shop near you. There is always a way to minimize waste!


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