Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You have a choice!

Why are we so particular when we have a choice between vanilla or chocolate? It's a preference right? Well, it is just as important to choose between organic cotton and regular cotton. Why you might ask? The production of cotton has a huge impact on the world you live in. Now I can't say that about vanilla or chocolate. 

Cotton is used in many common household items that we may not realize. Remember? It's the "fabric of our lives." The towel you use every morning after a shower, your favorite t-shirt and jeans, personal care products, diapers for your baby, sheets and pillowcases,  even cotton seeds given to livestock that may nourish you. 

Conventionally grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. About a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers are used on a farm to produce enough cotton for a single T-shirt. Imagine the environmental impact and the health risks for those working on the farms.

Here is a visual chart to show the details of conventional farming v.s. organic farming. 

There are many ways to make an educated choice for the health and the future of you and your loved ones. Cotton is one way.

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