Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up Up & Away...

Lately, I've been fascinated with vintage hot air balloons. I love their beautiful shapes and colors. I can imagine how lovely they would look as a theme in a nursery. Something about these puffy balloons remind me of fairy tales and the endless possibility of the imagination. 
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Hot air balloons easily lend themselves to themes in storybooks and portray the limitless places children can "go".
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I found this beautiful screen printed illustration by Jen Skelley on Etsy. I think it would make such a beautiful added touch in a frame hanging in a nursery. The black and white image below it is also a work of art. It's a digitally restored illustration by Spotted Sparrow, printed directly on a page from a Russian-German dictionary. How clever and aesthetically beautiful!

After realizing my strong admiration for hot air balloons, I decided to incorporate them into my organic baby clothing line. I came up with two designs for my "fairy tale" series using vintage looking images and a typewriter font to emulate the font you'd see in a story book and to promote the importance of reading to children.

Take a peek at my shop for the new away we go and the far far away  organic onesie.

Let me know what you think!


  1. i love it all!

    i have a special place in my heart for hot air balloons...they feel so magical to me.

    when i lived in napa, early morning was a beautiful parade of balloons floating over the valley.

    your onesies are absolutely adorable!

  2. Gorgeous! I love hot air balloons and it's my life's ambition to go in one - I just haven't plucked up the courage yet!
    Your blog is lovely and I'm going to add your widget to mine right now (and would love you to add mine to yours if you'd like to! - the html code is on my blog - and thanks for being a follower!)

  3. There is always something beautiful about hotair ballons! Your nw creations are really truely gorgeous! Loving them! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  4. shoot, the next time you are in Seattle, let me know! id love to meet up!

    ps, i LOVE hot air balloons. especially in super miniature form. but im too scared to go in a real one! eek!

  5. I love the print from Jen Skelley! And those onesies are SO CUTE! Love the typewriter one.

  6. Thanks friends! xoxo One day hopefully I'll gain the courage to ride in a real hot air balloon!

  7. Hot air balloons are magical... those onsies are too cute!



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