Thursday, July 29, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair!

The Renegade Craft Fair was a huge success! Thanks very much to all of you who came by our booth to say hi, and for all of your support of the product line. It was so rewarding to see your reactions to the line. Also, a big thanks to those who donated their change to the World Wildlife Fund to help support the relief efforts for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 
This was our first show and I can see why vendors do many shows each year, it can be addicting! The vibe, the people and artistry has fueled me to take the line to the next level. It was fun to be part of this acclaimed event and share what we do with the public.  Not only were the attendees friendly and fun to talk to, so were the vendors. We made some really great friends. Here are some amazing fellow vendors. Please take a moment to visit their sites:

Tanya from V is for Violet, who makes a variety of handmade items. Thanks for the trade Tanya, I LOVE the handmade plush toy for my soon-to-arrive little girl.

Scott from Locket 2 you, I'm definitely going to purchase the baby buggy in powder pink.
*photo by
Jane from Janie xy , Ramses the cat plushie is so cute. I will be hosting a give-a-way for this fabulous handmade toy so stay tuned.
*photo by
Emily from Emily Sparks handmade loved your booth and everything in it, including your adorable daughter Penelope!
*photo by Eva Jorgensen
Krista from Queens Metal, you must check out what amazing pieces Krista creates with metal.
*photo by Queens Metal
Danni from Oh, hello friend, your style is so unique and your products have a sense of comfort.

Amanda from Bobbysoxie, such classy and chic felt headbands!

Take a moment to support these very talented artists. We look forward to doing another show very soon.
Stay tuned.


  1. Hey, thanks for sharing my earrings! I'm sad we didn't get to meet at the show. Are you local?

  2. Hi Emily!

    It's my pleasure. Yes I'm located in Los Angeles. Maybe we will cross paths at another show?

  3. Yay! It was so great meeting you and your husband! I hope to see you guys at more fairs in the future. (Yes, they really are addicting..) If you're free tomorrow, I'll be at Make It Funky in Chinatown Stop by our booth if you are able to make it! :)

  4. Very cool! So glad you did your first show. I can't wait to do mine end of August. It's a lot of work and planning, but I am curious to get feedback :)

    *Looking HOT mama*

  5. the booth looks fantastic! glad it was a super success - those shows are a lot of work, but can be tons of fun too...congrats, larisa!

    xoxox, j.

  6. That's fantastic ! Good for you, now I have a place to go for good Christmas gift ideas...keep it up! Looking forward to the birth of your baby girl soon to be Sagittarius watch out for them December babies!

  7. You go girl! Wow that is great news, I am really happy for your business and for your baby girl! It is really amazing when we go beyond what is expected and actually pursue a dream - yes, I am doing the same... I quit a job to go back to school full time - kinda torn between fashion and interior design because I love both very much!



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