Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Land & Sea

I've always dreamed of owning a summer home by the ocean, (hopefully one day that dream will come true). When I came across the talented artist, Thomas Paul and all of his beautiful patterns and graphics for the home, my vision for the decor of this dream home was solidified.
This collection is made out of 100% jute which gives them a natural look, that of burlap.
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I especially admire Thomas Paul for his use of one color in his prints. In my opinion, it's not easy to capture an audience by the use of just one color in a print. I feel by nature, we as people are drawn towards images with the use of many colors. Although I believe that multi-colored images do captivate and stimulate your senses, one color images can do the same. It's an art in itself to make one color images work. Here is a great example from Thomas Paul of less is more.
Clean and fresh are two words that would describe Mr. Paul's works. Visit his site for more great pieces of inspiration.

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