Monday, May 16, 2011

Doilies and Lace

Lately I've been obsessed with anything made with doilies and lace. There are just certain things in life that one can be drawn to, and mine is crochet doilies and delicate lace. So much so, that I recently added a few beautiful pieces to baby Claire's nursery with this inspiration in mind. 
This lovely area rug by Urban Outfitters
Lace curtains inspired by Baby to Go, where I bought Claire's crib set from (pictures to come). I was pleasantly surprised to find the same type of fabric curtains at Ikea.
Here are a few other favorite finds in this category.
 Doily fan earrings
 Vintage crochet buttons
Doily Lily pads pillow
Shabby Chic Doily Clock
Crochet Lace Dreamcatcher Choker


  1. Thanks so much :)) Love this feature...

  2. Love your selection!
    Thanks so much for featuring our buttons!

  3. Thank you for nestling my Dreamcatcher doily choker among all these pretty finds!



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