Monday, May 17, 2010

Cake Decorating

I've always enjoyed baking more than cooking. I'm not sure if it's because I've always looked forward to the sweet flavors of dessert once dinner is complete, or if it's the warm smell of baked goods that escapes the oven. Whatever it is, I'm always drawn to baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies for a special occasion or just for fun. Recently, I bought this adorable cupcake kit from Cost Plus World Market (one of my favorite stores).

It comes with cute little cupcake liners, small and large, as well as the little pastry bags and piping tips for decorating. There is also a useful cupcake recipe book that comes along with it, which I thought was fantastic! 

My goal is to make my own batter and frosting from scratch creating unique flavors and beautiful decorated cupcakes and cakes. I thought what better way to learn more about cake/cupcake decorating than to take a class. I'm going to enroll in the Wilton cake decorating class offered at Michael's starting this June. I'm so excited to learn more about decorating basics, making beautiful flowers and using fondant. Who knows, I may be on to something ;)


  1. ah wow and its eco friendly? These wud be perfect for my tea party!!


  2. I love the little baking cups, such pretty patterns/colors. I hope you share pictures of your creations!

  3. Hearthandmade- unfortunately they are not eco friendly...but how cool would it be if the cupcake wrapper was edible and you didn't have any waste?

    Erin- Aren't they cute? I just love polka dots. I will definitely share some pics of my creations.

  4. Yea for cupcakes!

    I'm a baker for life (and not much of a cook).



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