Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Textile/Surface Design Patterns

It's been about 3 weeks since I've completed my first quarter at Otis College of Design for a Textile/Surface design certificate. I must say, I was quite nervous about taking on this new challenge, but pleased that I went through with it. 

I felt the need to branch out and develop different skills as an artist. I took a liking to patterns used on various items such as stationary, wrapping paper, bedding and home decor, so I decided to go for it.

Here are the results of my adventures in my first quarter. All of the designs below are hand drawn, placed in a repeat pattern and hand painted (including the background colors). Hope you enjoy!

I call this one blue lagoon. We were given a color palette and were to develop a floral, stripe, geometric and plaid pattern. The plaid was especially challenging but it's done using my favorite technique I've learned so far called stippling. I used a sponge to get that dotty look and a ruling pen to get those straight lines.

This may be one of my favorite sets. I was inspired by one of my favorite textile/surface designers, Kamal. I used peacock feathers as my inspiration and stylized it in a modern simple way. The textured piece was especially fun to make. I used a stamping method with pumpkin seeds, a feather and a sponge.

These three coordinating patterns were the first patterns I designed. At first, I wasn't too keen on the colors that I chose, but it grew on me in the end. It seems very royal.

This print reminds me of being on a tropical island. It could be a nice wrapping paper pattern or maybe even a print for a bathing suit.

This print was so fun to draw. The direction given to me was to create a two-color juvenile print. I'm happy the way this one came out. I love owls and I love the colors. It also has a vintage feel that I like.

Who would have thought a doodle could look so interesting. We were asked to doodle on a piece of paper, then trace out our doodle and create a repeat, then paint it of course. I thought this was a great technique.

Talk about feeling like a kid again. I made this pattern by using spaghetti and a leaf as a stamp. I really like how this one came out. I can picture it as wrapping paper.

This one was also done with a bunch of vegetables and organic items like cabbage, celery, leaves, broccoli, rocks and more!

I used broccoli, celery and a brussel sprout for this pattern.

I'd LOVE to hear any feedback on my designs and the process. It would be great to hear your thoughts on which patterns you think would work for what type of surface. It feels great to be able to share with everyone.


  1. I like your textile! Especially the owl, and the the orange set (2nd set from the top)! Those retro flavor I like :)

    Your class sounds really fun too. I should look in to that :D

  2. Thanks Furry Lunchbox! ;) You should take a class with me!!!

  3. I love your process... and the product (-:
    adding your widget now

  4. I really love your process! These textile designs are gorgeous and my favorite would be set inspired by Kamal!

    It's my first time visiting your lovely space and i am loving it. Filled with so much inspirationa. So happy i hope on by from lovely Leya's curious bird! Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to you!

  5. Thank you Malia- much appreciated! Thanks for checking in.

    Hi Jacqueline- such a sweet comment. I can't wait to see your blog on my computer rather than an iPhone. Glad to know you were inspired!



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